The Day Danburite Found Its Way Into My Heart - Polished and Raw
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The Day Danburite Found Its Way Into My Heart

When I first began my crystal journey, I read several books and blogs about crystals.

I always remember a familiar phrase throughout all of them; “usually the first crystal you are attracted to is the one for you.”

What I have now found is that throughout certain times in my life I’ll be attracted to different crystals. This too is totally normal because we are forever evolving and changing.

I had just come out of my own personal struggle when danburite came into my life.

Prior to then, life felt chaotic, emotional, and as though the universe was about to suck me into a black hole I’d never entered before.

Within those six months’ I was diagnosed with the early stages of cancer, only to find out that luckily once my operation was complete the cells removed were pre-cancerous and I was going to be okay.

Throughout that time I lost one of my closest friends, although to this day I have no answers as to why.

Home life was spent juggling an 18-month old with a husband that worked and studied full-time and was hardly home due to these commitments.

I was tired, empty, lonely, and I felt depleted.

It was then that I reignited my love for crystals.
I dove head first into my own healing journey.

I digested as much information as I could about these natural beauties. I started my own collection, bought books, and started a diploma in crystal healing.

At first, I felt funny. I kept thinking, is this really real?
How could something like a crystal help my life?

My husband would joke and call me a hippy.
My Dad thought I was going bonkers.
Friends would joke about how many ‘rocks’ I owned.

I didn’t care.

The more I learnt about crystals, the more I loved them… so much so that I started a small crystal online store. I wanted other people to experience the same joy and beauty I found through crystals.

I felt as though my mindset was positive. I felt stable, secure, and happy.

That was when I decided to make a huge change in my life.

I had been taking anti-depressants for almost five years and I knew I didn’t need them anymore.

Call me crazy, call it coincidence, but I believed that the energy from my crystal babies were lifting me into a state of awareness. They were helping me let go of what no longer served me.

Just one month after making that decision, I had an encounter with a new crystal that I hadn’t had much to do with… danburite.

Danburite isn’t commonly found in New Zealand, yet I was intrigued by its beauty. The very subtle pink hue and glistening white edges immediately caught my eye.

I remember thinking I’d take a gamble and purchase one piece to see whether there was a market for danburite in New Zealand.

My curiosity got the best of me so I started reading about this unique crystal. I quickly learnt that it had one of the highest vibrational energies out of all the crystals.

It had a very soft energy, one that would make you feel cared for and looked after.

Danburite was also the ideal healing crystal for emotional well-being and and self-love. A highly spiritual stone, it enabled the crown chakra to connect to the heart chakra, while also encouraging deep spiritual enlightenment.

The first piece I purchased sold within a couple of days.
I found another.
And another.
Then finally, one more piece.

The last piece was very different to the rest. It was a raw piece, small enough to hold tightly in the palm of my hand.

I had felt the pure energy from the other pieces of danburite and I had a feeling I would end up with a piece for myself, but none of them resonated with me until that day.

I clutched onto the small piece of danburite, turning it over and looking at its tiny details. Without even realising, I asked my guides to show me a sign if this piece was the one for me. It was almost a subconscious question; one that I didn’t even know I needed an answer to.

All of a sudden, tears started streaming down my face.

I felt overwhelmed, yet in a good way. It was almost as though someone was telling me how much I am loved.

There was no questioning it, I knew this was a personal piece for my collection.
This danburite crystal was meant to find its way to me.

I had been through a tremendous emotional journey and I was entering my own spiritual awakening. Danburite was going to help me with both of these paths.

That’s the beauty of crystals. When we connect to them, and we relinquish all control, doubt, and we believe… you never know what surprises they might show you, or what lesson you’ll learn.

Kylie x


Hi, I’m Kylie - Crystal Curator and the face behind Polished and Raw.
Join me on my quest to discover the magic of crystals, spirituality, and conscious connections.

Learn how to cleanse your crystals with five easy methods plus understand the meaning behind our favourite crystals

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