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Live Sale

What is a live sale?

A live sale is held on Instagram (in real-time), and is an opportunity for all of our crystal fans to look at a selection of crystals via a live video stream. Instagram sales are held approximately once a month and an email is sent out to our mailing list with dates and details of the crystals available.

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Why would I want to attend a live sale?

During our live sales you will get to see a large selection of crystals that are not available on the website. This often includes new stock and all prices are reduced anywhere between 15 – 30 percent.

Once the live sale ends, any leftover stock can be purchased for up to 24-hours at the discounted prices (via the direct messaging feature on Instagram). After that point, if the crystals have been photographed and listed on the website, the price increases due to the time and labour invested into listing each item.

How does it work?

All crystals are presented with a number, the type of crystal, weight, and a price. Crystals are usually grouped into types to make it easier to view, with the details recorded on a piece of paper next to the crystal.

At the beginning of each live sale, the first 5-10 minutes will be spent panning over the crystals to give everyone an idea of what will be available. This gives you an opportunity to write down the numbers of any crystals that stand out to you. Live sales run for a duration of approximately 1-2 hours (with a break halfway).

When the sale is announced and goes “live”, each crystal will be presented and shown on the live video. To purchase, all you need to do is write the number of the crystal you would like to purchase in the comments. For example, if there was an amethyst cluster for $70 with the number 52, you would write 52 in the comments. Sales are on a “first in first served” basis.

If you wish to look at a crystal closer, you would write Look 52 in the comments instead. To check your order, send a direct message via Instagram and your order will be confirmed at the halfway break or after the sale has ended.

All pricing is in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and is exclusive of freight. All overseas freight prices need to be worked out after the sale ends due to weight.

How do I pay for my order?

At the end of the sale, you will be sent a link for payment. Payment is made through our website and the link will include the number, crystal type and price of the crystal(s) you have ordered.

Payments can be made via PayPal (including credit card), bank transfer, or LayBuy.

All sales are final. Please remember that once you comment the number of the crystal you want to purchase you are obliged to pay for it. For those that do not follow through with payment, you may be banned from future sales.

If you have any questions at all, please email